Lesson Plans, Centropa Summer Academy 2015

Here you can find all lesson plans and projects presented during the Centropa Summer Academy 2015. If you need anything else, or want us to add anything, feel free to contact Fabian Rühle (ruehle@centropa.org) or Esther Cotoarba (cotoarba@centropa.org).


July 6th, 2015

Presentation: Using the Centropa Database to learn about Greek Jews

Author: Stella Kalle

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Presentation: Everyday life during WWII

Author: Damjan Snoj

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Presentation:"Identity Boxes"

Author: Douglas Greeneon identity and family connections.

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Presentation "Presentation: Our Jewish Holiday Cooking Project

Author: Rina Lund

"our Jewish Holiday Cooking Project"

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Presentation: Pen friends Cross-Cultural Project with Slovakia

Author: Brittany Brown

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JULY 7, 201

Presentation: The Jewish history of Wrocław

Authors: Joanna Zimnowoda and Beata Skuza

Centropa: inspired us get our students interested in the Jewish history of our city, Wrocław.

The project: Following the traces of Jewish culture in Wrocław. 

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JULY 8, 2015

JULY 9, 2015

JULY 10, 2015

Presentation: How Narratives Shape Memory


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JULY 11, 2015

JULY 12, 2015

JULY 13, 2015

Lesson Plan - "Cities and Shtetls: Life Before World War II in Central Europe"


Jacek Jaros, Poland, VI Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im.Juliusza Slowackiego Zoryana Obidina, Ukraine Educational Establishment “SEL”
Andrea Baumannova, Czech Republic, High School and BA Hodonin Brenda Most, NC, USA, Washington High School
Caroline Slifkin, U.K., Freelance Holocaust Educator

download the lesson plan here (pdf)

Presentation: Responding To Change


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Lesson Plan - "Do the Right Thing"


Chris Murray (US), Ronen Kandel (Israel), Ilijan Kuzmanovic (Bosnia), Lilijana Lazarevska (Macedonia), Rachel Shepherd (US)

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Lesson Plan - "Resistance and Rebellion in Eastern Europe (1968)"

Authors: Jon Hale, Matthew Lummel, Cristina Radu

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Lesson Plan - When Governments Fail, Civil Society Steps In: Importance of Civic Action

Cherie Arnette, Escambia County School District, FL, USA
Saulius Skučas, Garliava Juozas Lukša Gymnasium, Kaunas district, Lithuania Damjan Snoj, OŠ Preserje, Slovenia
Barbara Hairfield, Charleston County School District, SC, USA

download the lesson plan here (PDF)

Lesson Plan - "So What Really Happened?"

Authors: Shana Goldstein, Agnieszka Kania, Kirsten Lakeberg, Ruthy Sachar-Louck, and Bryan Craig Sandala
Essential Questions
How do people, places, and/or things evoke memories?
How do different people form different memories about a single person, place, thing, or event?
How did people, places, things, and events play significant
roles in the experiences of individuals during the Holocaust?

download the lesson plan here (PDF)

Video elective - "Alone You Will March"

Watch the film here

Video elective - Waltraud Neuhauser & Erwin Dorn

watch the film here

Video elective - Tobin "Does A Place Have a Face?"

watch the film here

Video elective - Joanna "I believe"

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Closing presentation

Jack Bauer's 24 visits the Centropa Summer Academy 2015...

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